Reuse and future housing

by students at KTH School of Architecture

Reuse and Future Housing

During the autumn of 2021, a total of 24 students from the Housing Studio at KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm worked with various plots in Helsingborg. The course has placed the emphasis on designing the circular apartment buildings of the future at Drottninghög in Helsingborg. They had the overall task of reusing prefabricated concrete from existing homes and offices to design new homes in a million program area. The students have designed apartment buildings and terraced houses with reuse of concrete elements.


Frida Rosenberg, Erik Stenberg


Fanny Almroth, Thelma Dethlefsen, Malte Didrigkeit, Jenny Edsvik, Daniella Ericson, Victor Fahleson, Mark Gavigan, Sara Grebner, Samira Hedberg Ibáñez, Hanna Holland, Itziar Jimeno, Erik Karlsson, Elin Kåreceus, Josephina Lexin, LIXIN LIU, Hanna Lundberg , Therese Lundborg, Nozomi Mitani, Annika Nalin, Gautier Pierrat, Clas Sundberg, Thanh Tran, Ana Carolina Voelcker, Hongting Xu

Student models by

Thelma Dethlefsen, Malte Didrigkeit, Victor Fahleson, Mark Gavigan, Erik Karlsson and Nozomi Mitani.

Digital presentations of student projects

Thelma Dethlefsen, Victor Fahleson, Mark Gavigan, Sara Grebner, Erik Karlsson, and Elin Kåreceus


“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958200”.

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