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ReCreate is an EU funded project focused on deconstruction and reuse of precast concrete elements. ReCreate pushes towards circular construction by investigating the systemic changes needed in the whole ecosystems of construction and demolition.


Reuse of precast structural components retains the secondary material at its highest value.

Key objective

The key objective of ReCreate is to innovate and develop novel technological solutions and processes for the deconstruction and reuse of buildings.


ReCreate will help to develop the EPDs for reuse of precast concrete components to make the LCA and LCC for other buildings possible.


Concrete is the most used construction material globally and in the EU. It is also a highly carbon-intensive material.

The production of cement alone is accountable for 5–8 % of annual carbon emissions globally. Reusing precast concrete can reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint of single elements by 93-98%. This project develops the transition towards circular construction by investigating the systemic changes needed in the whole ecosystems of construction and demolition.

Annual carbon emissions globally

Reusing precast concrete reduction

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ReCreate aims to bridge the knowledge gaps hindering the approach from reaching maturity as a socio-technical process by using the innovative pilots to explore, develop and demonstrate various national value chains, business models, legislation obstacles (e.g. building vs. waste legislation), as well as diverse building stocks with different kind of representative construction technologies, building types and sizes, and ownership structures.


The concept of ReCreate is to work with industry partners and buildings owners in four pilots (located in DE, FI, SE, NL) on the different aspects of deconstruction and reuse over the whole value chain in order to demonstrate the technical feasibility and potential profitability of reuse.

Earlier, isolated experiments in the pilot countries have shown that reuse can be viable in optimal conditions, but there are major obstacles with the technology, acceptability, supply chain integration, economics and the lack of circular construction business models.

Localization is an important aspect of the project, as the operational environment is framed by local border conditions (e.g. industry structures, building norms, construction techniques). Due to the significant stocks of precast buildings in the Baltic and Balkan regions, the knowledge sharing, dissemination and communication activities of ReCreate are targeted, in addition to the piloting countries, particularly to Eastern EU member states.


“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958200”.

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