CREFOP-e1421696490666CREFOP is NGO founded in 2006, which is active implicated in quality improvement of education and vocational training and in the development of the good practice in this domain. We actively promote the principles of cooperation and non-discriminatory access to resources of various factors involved in socio – economic life at local, regional, national and international level. We are an authorized vocational training organization by the National Council of Adult Education. We are also authorized to provide counselling and mediation on labour market. The main activities are: social research, non – formal and informal learning, vocational training, and career counselling. CREFOP has 15 full time employees and over 50 collaborators. We are also involved in developing occupational policies in partnership with local authorities. We provide counselling and training for specific targets groups, as: persons with disabilities, short and long – term unemployed people, inactive persons, people who dropped out of school. The organization has also experience in social economy and social entrepreneurship. We have experience in implementing projects at national and international level.





BEST was founded in 1987 as an independent vocational qualification
institute. Its main activities include adult education, vocational qualification, guidance of unemployed people and training for key qualifications aiming at the re-integration into the labour market. The institute possesses training facilities for up to 14.000 students per annum. The training methods for different target groups include innovative pedagogic and didactic methods, especially for integration and motivation, as well as e-Learning based trainings which are constantly being updated. As one of the first training institutes in Austria, BEST has become a certified Eco-C-centre (European Communication Certificate) and provides respective trainings and tests. Within its International Projects Department, BEST shows long experience of cooperation more than 100 European projects, both as coordinator and partner. The institute is focused on exchange of experience and practice, as well as joint development with European partners.

BEST applies quality assurance mechanisms, which ascertain the high quality level across all range of services provided is continuously improved. A quality assurance management system is put into place, with solid control mechanisms that facilitate the monitoring process, the early identification of risks and the prompt reaction, through the suitable corrective or preventive steps. The vision for continuously improving the services provided is not only shared among the members of the management, but also across all staff of BEST, who aim to improve their outputs and become more effective on a regular basis. Performance is monitored through a set of clear and mutually agreed indicators.




BrainStorming was founded in Athens in 1993, to provide consulting, study and training services in institutions of public, semi-public and private sector. The company operates in the following areas: General Director Services; Marketing – Sales; Study Area; Procedures – Systems; Finance; Human Resource Management; Quality Systems; Accounting Department; European Programs; Information Systems.

BrainStorming customers include public sector companies and institutions, insurance companies, Local and Regional and private companies across various industries.

Oriented to Quality, BrainStorming has established and applies a Quality System in accordance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. These requirements are considered the minimum to be achieved by the company, to ensure every aspect of customer satisfaction from the provided engineering and consulting services. Moreover, the company has established and applies an environmental management system based on the standard EN ISO 14001:2004, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. The next step for BrainStorming was the establishment and implementation of Total Quality Management (EFQM Excellence Model), the recognition twice (2003, 2006) from the EFQM as Committed to Excellence and the greatest recognition in 2009 as Recognized for Excellence 4 star.

BrainStorming works in a wide range of consulting services to businesses, which allows company to provide its customers integrated services, and to cover successfully all aspects of a project. As such, BrainStorming is uniquely positioned to contribute to both AL and management aspects of GOAL providing into the partnership the specific expertise on management, quality and monitoring, with a specific experience in Human Resource Management with clear connotations of Adult Learning and capacity building.



Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl:

logo IHFIHF, Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl, is a non profit organisation established in Brussels (Belgium) in 2004. The principal aim of IHF is to provide the community (including non profit and local authorities) with assistance for the development of a wider international cooperation through activities of specialised training on European policies and the dissemination of European values.

One of the means to reach this objective is the organisation of highly specialised courses and seminars focused at the development of European projects. The courses focus on EU Policies and Legislation, International Relations and Project Management, promoting the possibility to participate in EU-funded programmes.

IHF organises also study groups to Brussels for young graduates, local authorities representatives, SMEs, Universities, promoting mobility activities at different training levels. Since 2004 IHF organised more than 40 study visits to Brussels for more than 500 people.

Moreover IHF is since 2004 partner (as host organisation) in mobility projects funded under different EU and national programmes, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. In this role IHF developed a specific experience in counselling and career guidance, by exchanging experiences with sending organisations, analysing interns’ needs and ambitions, following up their career oath after the end of their internship.

IHF provides further assistance through continuous monitoring of EU legislation and European Institution activities, and consequent spread of related information, assistance in the search for partners and building up of networks.

Thanks to its presence in Brussels IHF asbl developed relevant experience in the organisation of Dissemination and Valorisation activities at EU level, through contacts with MEPs, other European associations and Institutions, stakeholders, consumers groups etc.



Enoros Consulting Ltd:

ENOROS Consulting Ltd, established in 2006, is one of the major management consulting and project management companies in Cyprus, committed to providing high quality services to the Cypriot society, public administration and its governments.

The key areas of expertise, proven by a number of successfully accomplished projects, are:

  • Extensive experience in providing policy advice on all levels of government, mainly relating to social development issues, local and regional development, cultural development, promotion of links and synergies with the central government, inter and intra sectoral communication on central local and regional levels and collaboration under reform strategies. Experience also includes the reform and modernisation of Public Administration, along with public institutions on central and regional levels.
  • Experience in the design and conduct of qualitative research, along with the processing of their outcomes and extraction of their conclusions, through the undertaking and management of relevant projects for public sector bodies in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Extended experience in use of EU Structural Funds for projects that promote regional development. That includes extensive expertise in resource allocation management (of EU funding), policy forming, the establishment of transparent procedural guidelines and the monitoring of compliance and accountability.
  • Human resources planning and development, through career management, monitoring and evaluation, design and delivery of customized (tailoring to different target groups), vocational training and lifelong learning programs. That also includes the development and delivery of training material and curricula, hands-on (in-service) training methodologies, Training Trainers methodologies, administration services, marketing and communications for the training programs, educational software development, multimedia development applications for educational purposes, management Information Systems and software design for monitoring and evaluation of training, etc.





Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTI) is a research and technology organization focusing on research and development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Particular emphasis is placed on education, by developing and deploying conventional and digital media in education and lifelong learning; publishing printed and electronic educational materials; administrating and managing the Greek School Network; and supporting the organization and operation of the electronic infrastructure of the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and all educational units. It has established in 1985, and it is supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education, Life Long Learning and Religious Affairs. Based on its fields of interest, CTI’s research teams and departments have participated within the last 20 years to a great number of European and National projects, such as: ESPRIT, Telematics, Integra, Environment, eLearning initiative, IST (more than 40 projects), Interreg, Innovative actions, Ten Telecom, Growth, Leonardo, LLP KA3/ICT, Adapt, Socrates, Craft, Marie Curie, National Program for Competitiveness, National program for research and technology, Projects funded from the Greek ministry of Education, National Information Society Program, Private funded projects.

The “Center of Telematics and Applications for regional development” (abbrev. “Telematics Center”) of CTI “Diophantus” Computer Technology Institute & Press, was established with the basic objective to enhance regional development through the effective use of new ICT for the regions covered from the institute.

Basic aims of this department are:

  • To operate as a lever for regional development and interregional collaboration
  • To carry out applied research for the development and support of specialized ICT applications for the public and private regional sectors (in Western Greece)
  • To develop, support and operate information systems useful for the activities of education in Greece

The main activities of the Telematics Center include:

  • Design and implementation of regional development and interregional collaboration actions under the framework of several European and National initiatives and programs
  • Provision of advanced research telematics solutions.
  • Design, develop, operate and support telematics services for the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs



Stowarzyszenie Integracja i Rozwoj:


Association Integration and Development (SIR) was registered on 21st June 2001 in Kielce, Poland.  Association’s activity is concentrated on development of the local societies, provision of support to the initiatives of local societies, culture and promotion of national heritage, as well as sports, recreation, environmental protection, health promotion, social services, improvement of rehabilitation of the disabled, and on development of the education, science and technology sectors. Our main goals are: actions towards Civil Society Development, increasing opportunities for social dialogue, and platforms for communication for the local society with national and international actors, awareness raising and promotion of integration and cooperation with the European Union,  enhancing establishment of partnerships and cooperation between EU countries and new Member States and Eastern Europe, supporting all initiatives aimed at local development and improvement of social and economic sectors, development of local entrepreneurship and employment, including mitigating unemployment, support to people out-of-employment, creation of new job opportunities, enhancing cooperation between employers and entrepreneurs, initiation, promotion, and implementation of projects concentrated on supporting the development of entrepreneurship,  working in favour of creation of a system for financial support for Small and Medium Entreprises,  sustainable development of the rural areas, including rural economy and national heritage protection,  supporting the development of the rural areas in line with the EU regulations, actions towards environmental protection, social assistance and rehabilitation of the disabled, marginalised or vulnerable people, endangered with social exclusion, scientific activities and integration of people who share objectives related to the association mission, creation of the platform for support to all initiatives aimed at exchange of experience and enhancement of cooperation with relevant actors,  supporting the dialogue between citizens and the institutions of the European Union.


Since 2001, Association has implemented 22 projects financed within the European Union Funds, Operational Programme Human Capitol. SIR is actively applied within various – national and international projects. SIR also conducts educational activities to promote the process of integration with the European Union and to increase the cooperation with countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Through its activities, SIR is providing support to local initiatives through  the exchange of experiences and animating cooperation between Civil Society Actors.  Another sector of Association’s activity is to initiate projects in the area of the labor market in order to support jobseekers by trainings, internships and subsidies to start their own business.